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10th September, 2020

Introducing 'Raconteur', the first ship of the Fifth Empire Fleet. Raconteur (presently named Shaula, until her imminent rechristening) is a Gaff Cutter rigged Loch Fyne Skiff, built in 1984. She came into our hands on the 1st September, 2020. (For pictures, logs, info and specifications visit her page).

A Raconteur, as you know, is a storyteller. It is our hope that this charismatic little ship might be a representation in miniature of what is to follow; she can tell the story of what is to come and show us what the Fifth Empire might be.

She is currently alongside in Bideford, Devon, for a winter refit (where you are most welcome to visit us, if you happen to be passing through). Her interior accomodation requires attention, as do a number of exterior jobs (a new spreader bar, new anodes, repairs to pinrail and samson post, as well as painting and antifouling). If means allow, this work will completed by the spring, at which point she will be making her way around the south coast of the UK to Poole. From there she will depart, under a new flag and a new name, on a voyage to Portugal.

More details about this voyage will follow in due course, but it will essentially be an ambassadorial trip ‐ with crew and cargo ‐ wherein we shall seek to make our first impression upon the world. One and all will be welcomed aboard for glimpse into the Fifth Empire. There will be music, merrymaking, goods for sale and barter, many friends yet to be made, and many stories yet to be told.

In the meantime you can follow the ship's progress on her b/log or peruse the knowhow archive, which is still in its infancy. To keep an eye on Fifth Empire affairs, sign up for email updates by clicking here!

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