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18th July, 2020

Today the sun rises on a new empire. It is not a territorial, religious or economic empire; it is not driven by the colonisation of lands, the aquisition of wealth or the subjugation of peoples. It is an intellectual empire with no material basis - an empire of the spirit, representing a way of thinking and a means of doing, contrived not to dominate people, but to return to them an independence they seldom realise has been taken from them.

We call it the Fifth Empire and its summons sound across our world – in the demise of nature, in the forfeiture of human welfare, the systematic dismemberment of local industries and the annihilation of small–scale culture in favour of a monomorphic 'one size fits all' world, where the many suffer for the convenience of the few.

The Fifth Empire begins with the formation of the Fifth Empire Company - a sail cargo cooperative, which sets out to build a fleet with which to reimagine shipping. We intend to reconceptualise the spheres of production, transportation and consumption - the 'terrible triad' that we believe has set our world upon its current tragic course. We believe that by rethinking the way we make, buy, sell, and move objects; by changing the way we use technologies, and by adjusting our mores to reflect the changes we would like to see in the world, we might achieve a society not destined to repeat the errors of the past. With an outlook that values and incorporates the merits and accomplishments of past and present eras alike, with technologies designed and selected for longevity over novelty and profit, and with the power of many independent actions combined, we can reengineer the malfunctioning societal machine. We can protect the natural world and save ourselves.

In essence, we seek to do more than move goods. We seek to move people's spirits, for the territory we hope to conquer lies not beneath your feet, but in your hearts and in your hands. Let us be not cogs, but levers.

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