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Here at the Fifth Empire we are careful with the types of social media we engage with. We try our best not to support platforms that exploit their users' data or offer their services at the cost of privacy. For this reason you will not find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The best way to get regular updates is to subscribe by email to our newsletter.

We do, however, recognise the importance of publicity and good communications. We therefore encouarge you to share our site and the Fifth Empire vision on whatever platforms you prefer. For those who don't care for good old-fashioned emails, we also offer the option to follow and connect with us directly on the following platforms:

Diaspora Project

We are interested in the idea of a decentralised web - a movement away from corporate-owned data-mining mega-platforms. We'd like to see online communities which promote unfettered creativity, free communications and complete freedom of expression, helping to realise the utopian ideal which powered the colourful and quirky internet of the 90s. The internet should be interesting, useful, free and most of all fun! To that end here is small list of decentralised platforms which we believe have the right idea.

Freenet - Peer-to-peer communication platform

I2P - 'Invisible internet' peer-to-peer network

Mastodon - A community-owned social network

Zeronet - Decentralised websites

Matrix - Decentralised communication network

Peertube - Decentralised video Hosting

Sepiasearch - A search engine for Peertube

Lemmy - A forum of communities

Means TV - A worker-owned streaming service

Webrings were popular in the 90's and early 2000's internet as a way to connect similar pages, helping users to discover new sites. In order to preserve the freedom, creativity and neutrality of the internet, we need to rediscover means of navigating it that support, rather than detract from, our individual informatic journey and freedom of choice. Ressurecting webrings is a great way of doing this. Here are some examples:

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